31 October 2013

Been Busy

Taken with my phone and edited with Snapseed app. 

I know the title above is just an excuse for my lack of content on this site. Damn! The last time I wrote something was more than 3 months ago...

I'm in my final year of my course. Its not that hard but it still takes a lot of my time. Can't complain. I know a lot of people out there who has busier schedule than me are able to manage their website regularly. Honestly there's nothing much going on with my life currently. Not much photography, creatively speaking. I have a few commercial work, bits and pieces here and there. Due to my clients' privacy, I can't just publish their image online like that. Ever since my last shoot with the kendo(previous blog post), I haven't done any actual shoot. By that I mean a planned, pre-visualised, staged shoot that challenges one's capabilities in order to produce something portfolio-worthy.

My final exams will be done by end of November. By then, I'll try to write more interesting stuffs, hopefully.

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