06 January 2014

That "feeling"

When you have been practicing photography for a quite while, you get this "feeling" once in a blue moon whenever you're making images. That "feeling" when the moment you push that shutter button and your heart knows THAT is the image. The image that will make you proud in every way. That sense of satisfaction no matter how many images you have made that day and only THAT one image matters above them all. I'm sure many seasoned photographers are familiar with this "feeling".

For me it was this image:

I just like how the image portrays a sense of lifestyle at a typical coffee shop of my hometown in a timeless manner. Obviously I'm not going to win any awards or gain any recognitions but that "feeling" is definitely a good sign for my start of 2014.  If you have been following this web, you can tell my entries in 2013 are very very slow. Hopefully it will not be like that this year.

I'm back in my hometown Kuching till end of February. Until then, thanks for reading.

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