25 September 2011

Mid Semester Break?

At the entrance of Westfield Shoppingmall

The clock strikes midnight and marks the end of my mid semester break. I'll be having four mid term test for all four of my subjects. After that I have only one week to complete two assignments, from scratch. Been spending most of my time with books and lecture slides but I'm not done studying yet. Was there even a break? After the assignments, I have like a month to prepare for my final exams. Ahh...the life of an under-graduate student...

Swinburne's Pride - Advanced Technology Centre(ATC)

Well I can't say that I have been a good boy digging my face in the pile of books 24/7. Went to few places during the weekends and was invited to a late Raya Open House by some friends from my hometown. There were super delicious dishes that can only be found in Sarawak.

Another view of ATC building

Tech news on the internet these days are all about the social media sites between Facebook and Google+ and I hopped on the bandwagon as well. If you are on G+, please do circle me =)

Thats about it from me for now. Thanks for reading.

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