07 August 2011

So far so good in Melbourne

Been in Melbourne for a week and a half and so far so good. Semester starting this coming Monday but am still waiting for my university to confirm my enrollment but shouldn't be a problem. My parents came along with me for the first week to help me out to settle things and at the same time have a bit of holiday. We explored the city guided by photo-enthusiasts Sheng Han and Jason

Flinders Station

I learnt a lot of things like you can use the same card to travel through train, tram or bus, a lot of automated systems like doors and paying money into a machine when doing your groceries, you can only cross the road when there is a green light if not, you'll be greeted a fine of 100 bucks if the cops caught you. Most importantly, Swinburne Hawthorn campus is sooooooooooooo much different than Sarawak campus... >_<"

 Carlton Gardens

We have been to several tourist places like the Aquarium, Museum, Federation Square, Carlton Gardens, St. Kilda beach, just to name a few.

Queen Victoria Market

After a week, I sent my parents off with tears and attended several friends' graduation ceremony. Its a weird feeling to see others graduating while I'm just starting a new course.

Made a new friend named Paul Hunyh

Followed a day trip with the university to several places but the highlight of the event was Healesville Animal Sanctuary. Its like a zoo but the place is mainly emphasizing native animals in their natural habitat. The lighting was great and I managed to get a few keepers.

We did a photowalk in the city, Malaysian style. Street photography in Australia is rather difficult compare to my home town. People over here are more conscious and sensitive about being photo taken in public. I'll have to restrain myself to avoid being sued.

A camera museum in a camera shop. 

Sheng Han and Jason reviewing their pics

We were greeted with a warm sunset scene that evening

We also went to a ball game, Carlton vs Melbourne. This is like their 'religion' from what I mostly heard. Its like rugby with football elements and without protective gear. Quite an intense game I would say. Being the crowd and cheering along was really fun =D

Best shot of the day

Thats about it for now. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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