21 July 2011

Dear blog, its been awhile.

I know, its been quite awhile since I last updated this blog. Life has been good for me. During the absent of my blog posts, I observed, feel, and experienced many things which I can't list them all down one by one. However I'm glad to share a few highlights of my life so far:

1) Completed my Diploma in Photography
2) Worked for several different companies in different industry - retail, office and media
3) My photography equipments have been expanding quite a number *grin
4) Photography portfolio is growing but there are just too many to share them all online
5) Made my first personal photobook consist of three years of my street photographs

Right now I am making final preparations to further my business degree in Australia. Being a 22 year old young dude who has always been in the land of Borneo, I'm trying my best to enjoy the last few days observing the beauty and life of Kuching. I guess when my course commenced, there will be more time to blog. Until then, if you like my photography works, please 'Like' my page on facebook =)

Thanks for reading.

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