24 May 2010

Meet Jaggu!

Dogs can be quite photogenic as well!

Got a request to photograph a 8 months old Golden Retriever named Jaggu. It was quite shy because it was its first experience at the location we were shooting at which was the locally well-known Friendship Park. For me, it was my first time photographing a canine. Indeed, I was nervous beforehand but it ended a fruitful experience.

It was unfortunate for us as it rained a little before the shoot. Mr Great Sun got blocked by the Gloomy Gangsta Clouds. However, overcast day light can be welcoming at times. I requested the owner to bring along some dog treats to manipulate motivate Jaggu's movements as it has no idea what am I doing with this black squary thingy that creates clicking sound. For someone who doesn't have much knowledge on canine, I never knew the existence of Spinach flavored dog treats.

Taking pictures of Jaggu's body parts can create interesting abstract photographs.

Below are two of my personal favorite

EF 50mm f/1.8 at wide open is just nice isn't it?

The low perspective with a human element as background just makes it just nice for my taste

The owners - Ching and Nik

Thanks guys giving me the opportunity! It was a pleasure to meet and photograph Jaggu =)

From now on, any dogs would like to be photographed is most welcome!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Man I have always wanted to have a golden retriever !!!
    Your photos make me want to get one right away ahahaha. Low angle shots were beautifully captured.

  2. Lovely post here bro...It was indeed our pleasure to meet you.. cheers!! keep up the great work...

  3. It was a pleasure indeed to meet you..! Keep up the good work and keep writing.. lovely post here.. c u around.



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