14 May 2010

Off Camera Flash

Lets Light Them Up!

I have been reading and watching flash photography tutorials for quite sometime now but only recently I'm actually trying fire them flashguns. Though I'm playing with advance technology stuffs, adjusting the flash power, moving around flash position and whatnot, its NOT easy to produce the sort of pictures that is good. 

With one single flash firing from an angle, makes a whole lot difference to the picture. Add another flash on the opposite and it adds a little more flavour into the photo. Add few more flashes, light modifiers or reflectors, you'll see lights dancing around, doing voodoo magic on your photograph. 

Flash photography made certain imaginary pictures made possible. Though there are people who are not in favor of such artificial light and opt for the pure natural sunlight. Some even claimed "Eww! Its soo fake!" I don't distaste them. Then again using flash doesn't constitute to better picture compared to natural sunlight. In fact, both can be used together at the same time, harmoniously. 

To me, light itself is as important as picture composition when comes to photography. The everyday ambient light that we see is not ugly at all. The controlled light output of flashguns aren't substitute for the sunlight either. Flash Photography just gives the user more options.


  1. Eeew! it's so fake! haha just kidding. Love the lighting, especially the last one, I thought it was a wing lol, if only the light streak was higher:)

  2. Her wings are on her butt :P



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