02 August 2012

An Afternoon with Maya

Recently I had an opportunity to photograph an adorable girl called Maya, who is the daughter of Anne and Jacob , one of my models from my Melbourne Graffiti Series. Here's the blog post about it ;)

I never really had an actual shoot with a child before throughout my experience in photography. Most of the time I always took candids of kids during events or weddings. They are wonderful subjects to photograph as their actions are pure and innocent. Photographing Maya at first was a challenge for me at first because she was pretty shy with strangers.

Hiding behind mommy's legs. 

Anne was really patient with me as well and we slowly tried to get Maya more and more comfortable with me with the camera. These things can't be forced onto kids and it takes time. However it is always the case where the photographer needs to pull things out within 1-2 hours.

Accidental camera blur but I like the mood here, kinda like what you get from a film camera. 

It was late afternoon at a park near Shrine of Remembrance where we get long shadows and warm light. The so-called "golden hour".

She loves her butterfly wings.

After an hour or so into the shoot, Maya slowly got more positive with me being around her. So I started to shoot closer. And got Anne involved in the shoot as well.

However I pulled out and shoot from far again.

Below are my two favourites from the whole session -

Thanks for reading =)

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