27 July 2012

Great Ocean Road

Last week I went for a road trip with some friends to the ever popular Great Ocean Road of Victoria. Its literary like the name suggest, a road with ocean view which spans for a length of 243km long. The weather wasn't pleasing that day, rained several times that afternoon.  

There were other visitors as well even though it was on a weekday

Cloudy sky and misty scene. I was reminded of those chinese calligraphy paintings. 

It was the first time for all five of us on a hired car so our driving speed was a bit slow. The furthest we went was Port Campbell. The attraction of the place was the Twelve Apostles and so we 'camped' there till the sun sets.

Cloudy skies = Hope for sun rays =)

In the end the best I could manage to get was this :

After the sun got down, I took a wide angle of the scene with a black and white conversion in my mind.

Multiple layers of greys make awesome black and white! 

 Thanks for reading!

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