10 April 2012

Life so far.

Well got nothing much to say. Been trying to reduce photography activities to concentrate on my studies but I find it hard to stay in focus. Studying has been something rather difficult for me since young as I got short attention span. Currently on the second last day of my Easter break. There will be several tests coming up and I haven't prepared them yet...

Done several stuffs for the past few weeks :

Photographed a band. 

At a friend's graduation ceremony

Spend my Easter with the Anime Club.

Photographed a stranger. 

Besides from that, I've also organized a shoot where I'm the model. Needed new profile photos so asked a couple a friends to help out. The photos were shot by Ren, while the art direction, lighting and post-processing were done by me. Alaistair was there assisting the shoot as well. Since most of my recent portrait  work revolves around graffiti, might as well do one for my own. 

That's all from me now. Until next time, cheers.

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