18 March 2012


I was highly inspired by Peter Hurley's headshots work and tried to imitate his work. Obviously I'm not up to his standard but imitating is one of the effective ways of learning. It's interesting to do something that I don't normally do.

On a side note, things are pretty busy with my classes and part time work so I have to lessen my photography to balance up life. So I wouldn't be able to update my blog often. If there is anything I'll always update on my Facebook page first so please follow me there for any latest updates.



  1. Did you catch his fstopper's interview? You know, it's not just about the lighting technique, it's about tutoring the model.


  2. Yup, thats how I first knew about him. There's also a youtube video by him on simple neck trick - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe3oJnFtA_k




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