21 February 2012

Ksenia & Marco

Had a wonderful opportunity to photograph a lovely pair of couple at a super awesome graffiti place called Croft Alley recently.

Meet Ksenia and Marco

I just love the contrast between their clothing and the colourful street art in the background. A simple strobe mounted on a white reflective umbrella was used for most of the photos in here. 

I like the mood here combined with the splash of colours on the wall.

Ksenia suggested this creative idea to me =)

We had some fun as well during the shoot =)

Love the back lighting in this photo!  

My personal favourite among all =)  

Thanks for viewing guys!

1 comment:

  1. We had such a good time! I must say that Lance has everything a good photographer should have: clear ideas, immagination, great equipment and curiosity to try new things. Great job Lance!

    Ksenia & Marco



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