15 February 2012

Japanese Summer Festival

Went to the Waterfront City Docklands for the annual Japanese Summer Festival - Bon Odori last weekend. How was it? HUGE crowd, HUGE line at the food stalls and girls in Kimonos. And by girls, I don't mean Japanese girls but the locals as well. Australians actually "dress" for events, one of the things I find it impressive over here. 

Here's one of the many kimono girls. 

Kids performance from a dance school. 

I find this rather amusing. 

One of the main attraction was the sumo wrestling demonstration. Marked good spot half an hour earlier in hopes that I could get to watch/photograph the actions up close.

While waiting, little children entered the ring and played around. 

My friends and I were expecting huge chubby half-naked Japanese pushing each other but turns out to be a pair of skinny non-Japanese guys in the ring. Kind of disappointing.

The up close actions that I was hoping for. 

It wouldn't be a Bon Odori without a dance ;) 

Kids with the Japanese summer coats. 

This little adorable girl was dancing towards the music.

 My friends were quite happy with their balloon yoyos. 

Thanks for viewing. 

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