01 December 2011

Wait...its December already?

As they say, time flies. It seems like forever when we are waiting for it, yet most of us don't appreciate the present and it just fades away when it passed us. The year 2011 has been quite...different I would say. Different compare to how I used to live for the last 21 years.

While finishing my part-time advance diploma in photography course, I worked for the academy as an admin assistant - paperwork, reply emails, keep track of company database, office hours, etc etc. Workplace is within 15 minutes of drive, free parking, meals that are below RM5(still adapting to AUD). Most importantly, the company was photography related, plus I was their student, so I fit in easily. My superior is very understanding, my boss is the person who triggered the photography blood in me. It was a comfortable job. 

Too comfortable :3

Later on it was the state election of my country, Sarawak. A friend who works for the press approached me to help her as the company was shorthanded with photojournalists. I went for the interview, took the job offer knowing that I'll be in a very difficult situation due to my poor chinese literacy. It was something that I have never thought about doing ever since I started photography. I always enjoy looking at photojournalistic images - one eye-catching dramatic photograh that tells the whole story. However, doing it as a profession seems too dangerous for me.  

PKR's public rally at Jalan Padungan was disrupted when a police officer seized the microphone from politician Tai Sing Ng on the grounds that no permit was issued and the event was disrupting the traffic. Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim arrived later that evening and continued the rally indoors and without the use of microphones. 29th March 2011.

A pair of children played with the 1Malaysia flags decorated  swings at KMC Flat playground. 7th April 2011. 

Even though I was only assigned to cover my town area, Kuching, it was quite challenging. Locating places was tough because google maps of my hometown is not well developed. I got no idea how does most of the politicians look like or which department are they in. Images must be submitted right on time, everyday.

Kuching International Aiport(KIA) welcomes Kalstar Aviation's maiden flight. The airline will commence daily flight routines for Jakarta-Pontianak-Kuching route. 23th May 2011

A traffic light intersection in front of the City Bridge Commercial Centre during a blackout. Kuching has been experiencing sporadic blackouts for the past few days.10th May 2011.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting job. I could be covering a political event today, dog show tomorrow, beauty contest on another day, sports event on the weekend or I could even be at a hotel for their food tasting(free meal! :D).

A pair of youngsters watched a motorcycle race as one of the contestant raced pass them at the Sarawak State Stadium. 5th June 2011.

A father supports his young child at Friendship Park, 12th June 2011.(Image used for Father's Day article)

Primary school students gathered to look at the interior of a police petrol car during a demonstration, 18th June 2011.

Right now I am at Melbourne, Australia to further my studies in Accounting. Why Accounting when I can go for Multimedia or Design course? Well I would love to start my photography business right away but I prefer to have a firm foundation in business knowledge before I jump into the industry. Melbourne is a beautiful place. Full of colours and cultures. Christmas a BIG thing over here, big sales and huge decorations everywhere.

Went to see the Queen during her visit. 

Tight security.

Managed to get a glimpse of the queen along with funny expression of Prince Philip.

Black swan at Williamstown 

Seagulls everywhere by the docks.

 Peep show anyone? ;)

Tagged along with a friend's portrait shoot.

Whatever you do in life, have a coke ;)

Current having summer break holidays while waiting for my exam results. Need a part time job. Probably a haircut as well. Above all, bracing myself for the so-called 40 degrees Australian summer. That's about it for 2011. Worked in the office, at the press and now revert back to studying.  Hopefully year 2012 would be another fruitful one.  

Thanks for reading. 

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