06 February 2013

Revisiting My High School - SMK Kuching High

So I was walking down the streets in my home town with my camera as usual and got bored, didn't manage to get any good photos, so randomly paid a visit to my high school which is located right in the  town area. All those memories and nostalgia rushed at me like an invisible wave as I stepped in the school. The place where I spent five years for my secondary education, did silly things, made new friends and learnt new things. A few years ago the school suffered a fire which burnt down some of the buildings. Though reconstruction is still in progress, I still missed the old buildings.

Other than that, its pretty much the same. Except for the fact there are apparent advertisements from nearby universities...

The canteen.

The sink that I mainly used to clean my fingers whenever there was an art class. 

Its approaching Chinese New Year so there are decorations to celebrate the year of snake. Heard that there's a competition going on about it among the classes. 

I had my classrooms in this block for four years. 

The place where everyone would gather and sing the national anthem during weekly assembly, play sports, orientation, education fairs and events organised by the school. 

Thanks for viewing.

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