31 December 2012

My 2012

Last day of 2012, can't say that its as exciting as 2011 but I've definitely meet quite a number of interesting people and made memories with. Some good ones while some bad ones. Most of the time I'm struggling with my course work. Thankfully I managed to pass all of my subjects. Decided to take commercial law as co-major together with accounting because business law subjects are the only the thing that actually make sense to me.

With my photography, I have won two awards:

Bronze Award from Creative Asia

Winner of Kenyalang Shell Press Awards 2012 

Was inspired by Peter Hurley with his approach with doing headshot which made me attempted quite a few times and taking an interest in it.

Sold off my 2 years old "go-to" Canon 24-70 lens and replaced it with Canon 16-35 which gave me fruitful results. Gonna write a review about it so stay tune ;)

Thanks to photography, I get to watch a stripshow for the first time in my life but it was a male stripper so yeah... Here's the post about it.

Hopefully 2013 will be a fruitful one. I'll be back in my home town in January for about a month then back in Melbourne when semester resumes. I'll be looking for a part time internship in accounting and its going to be my final year so most probably I wouldn't be spending much time with my camera, unfortunately. However I'll try to update the blog as often as possible.

Thanks for reading and I hope your 2012 has been a good one. Happy New Year!

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