05 August 2012


Usually people would just stay at home or keep the camera in the bag when it is raining but I once heard from a friend saying "You can only take rainy photos when there is a rain." Back in my home town, I'm pretty sure a lot of people are reluctant to let their cameras get caught in the rain due to the humid weather which brings a possibility of fungus growing in lenses. I have shot in the rain on many occasions be it light drizzle or down pour. However recently I became reluctant because I would rather be lazy and enjoy the weather by sleeping. Moreover rain doesn't happen a lot in Melbourne.

I was motivated to shoot in the rain again when I see photographs from Danny Santos so I picked up the camera and get in the rain again.

Give it a try, who knows you could surprised yourself  =)

My semester is resuming tomorrow so I'll be busy again...


  1. What do you mean rain doesn't happen a lot in melbourne? XD



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