08 July 2012

23 Yo!

Just turned 23 years old recently though I'm not the kind of the person who celebrates birthdays. Maybe because I didn't do much when I was kid with my family. We would always go out for a dinner and stuffs. Nothing special but the family members are together at a table which is a rare scene ever since my brothers and I started to drive. Didn't do much on the day but went out to the city for a movie with some friends. We watched Ted on the first day it was released. It was awesomely funny =D

Even the poster ish funny!

On the same day I received a news from CreativeASIA that my image got a bronze award, Yay ~

This is my second award. First award was back in 2010 during WPPM Print Competition where I won the Journalism category under Enthusiast level. Here's the image

And I just realized that both awards are about baby girls... let's hope my third award would be a different subject or people will start thinking I have special interest in small female children...

Gave myself a birthday present by making a photobook through Snapfish. Inside is filled with photos I took in Melbourne. I was quite surprised that the colours are accurate as seen on my computer screen.


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