28 June 2012

Organized Model Shoots

Awhile ago I tagged along to a friend's organized model shoots. Been awhile since I last joined these kind of events. Its quite beneficial when you are starting in photography, you get to see how others give instructions to models for posing or framing angle and such. Moreover its a good social opportunity. All images are are simple portraits with available light.

As usual, I always like to incorporate the environment in my portraits.

I made use of a small tungsten spotlights at the venue and shifted my camera White Balance to a very cold temperature, all that is left was asking the subject to tilt her chin up. As simple as that.

The weather that day was rainy. Rainy means the sky is full of clouds, overcast, which results in soft diffused sunlight. I learnt a simple yet useful trick from a German photographer Bert Stephani called "Shelter Light" awhile back. Basically is by placing your subject under an overhead roof or shelter or anything that blocks light, the subject's face will be light by frontal available light rather than usual top lighting. Just take a look at the image below and you'll get what I mean.

Notice the shadow under her chin, super soft right? No light modifier or any sort was used. Soft Diffused Sunlight + Shelter Light =) 

That's all from me for now, cheers.

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