25 May 2012

Joe Mcnally Seminar

Most of my photographic approaches are highly influenced by the world re-known photographer Joe Mcnally. When I heard he is coming down to Australia on a tour, I just need to see him in person(Even though my final exams is in 2 weeks time).

I've read both of his earlier books, The Hot Shoe Diaries and The Moment It Clicks so I already knew most of the things he said that day it just seeing how he demonstrate it on stage.

There was a Nikon booth which was one of the sponsors on the event and they displayed their new cameras, D4 and D800. Seriously top performance machines.

I stayed on in the evening for the evening keynote where he talked about his 30 years of experience. Quite an inspirational evening.

Took a photo with him. *Yay!*

Some stuffs I got from the event. The DVD is "The Language of Light"

The next time you'll hear from me is after the exams so until then. Cheers.

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