07 February 2012

Late Chinese New Year Post

I know this is late and since Chap Goh Mei was like yesterday so at least I made an effort to write something. Chinese New Year is a festival which I celebrate delightfully every year only until this year where I remained in Australia. I travelled to Brisbane, Queensland to visit my relatives for the celebration. Though it is not a popular event among Australians, we still had a reunion "lunch" together.

My uncle and his grandson

My nephew! 

However I was there only for three days and came to Melbourne afterwards. There was a rather huge celebration over at Chinatown (..duh!) that weekend so I tagged along with some friends and joined the crowd.

The Year of the DRAGON! 

Crowded Chinatown is crowded. 

It is said that touching the lion's fur grants you luck for the year =)

Saw many kids hugging this dragon plushy around. 

Couple and Lion Dance Performer. 

The old is also scared of fire crackers. 

Wonderful warm sun light to end the day.

Next year I'll definitely go back to my home town to celebrate =)


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