06 November 2010

Studio Lighting My Gundam

Before the time when I dipped my feet into the sea of photography, I was the neighborhood of plastic model kits, specifically, Gundams. Back in high school, I used to save up almost 80% of my allowance just to buy these and assemble them together with joy. Now, 80% of my budget goes to camera equipments. Even now I still have some models which are yet to be assembled. One NG - 1/100 Astraea and three MGs - Strike Noir, Kampfer and ACGUY. Got no idea when will I tear the plastic wrappings and start assembling them with my old rusty tools. Yes, they are still sealed in the plastic wrappings. Below is my personal favorite pic throughout the whole shoot.

Thanks for reading.


  1. dude...u should post more pix and tutorial how to shoot gunpla.... wanna sell ur MG Kampfer? :P

  2. Nahh too much trouble. Its basic lighting set up by the way. Dont think wanna sell my gunplas, hard to find nowadays :p



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